Life is a Journey and your healing is my passion. Your journey has probably taken you on a turn or two that has left you feeling lost. The ups and downs of life and relationships sometimes leave you confused and at odds with those you love. If you are feeling sad, anxious, unsure of where to turn, therapy can be a helpful choice.

As a solution-focused therapist, my treatment approach is to provide caring support and feedback to help you resolve current problems and long-standing patterns that are keeping you lost . Research tells us that you should see signs of improvement within the first several weeks of therapy. With sensitivity and compassion, I help clients find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues. Life transitions after relationship break-ups and betrayal, school changes, birth of a baby, adoption, death of a loved one, graduations, job changes, can lead to depression and anxiety which are treatable. 

I am dedicated to helping you get what you want from treatment. You are not alone. I will work with you to build on your strengths to identify the problem and get you back in tune with yourself and your family. Together, we will begin a new journey to discover what it is that you are seeking to enjoy your life and be your best self. 

Life is a journey and your healing will be our discovery.